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Looking for a Career in Law Enforcement?


Santa Barbara - January 13th, 2014


The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is currently recruiting qualified candidates to fill an anticipated 25 Custody Deputy positions this year.
This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals who want to make a positive difference and serve their community while pursuing a career in Public Safety.
Opportunities for advancement within the Custody Deputy ranks will expand in the near future as the Sheriff’s Office anticipates opening the new Northern Branch jail in 2018.

The ideal candidate should possess the following personal traits:
• Reputation for honesty and trustworthiness
• Integrity/Good moral character
• Initiative/Drive & Energy
• Team Player
• Dependable
• Good judgment under pressure
• Effectively communicates

1. Education: Graduation from high school or passing of the GED test indicating high school graduation level from a U.S Institution.
2. Age: 18 years or older.
3. Physical Fitness: Good physical condition with the ability to pass a comprehensive medical examination based on County of Santa Barbara medical standards, and the ability to pass a job-related physical agility examination.
Experience: No previous law enforcement experience is required.
Ability to: understand and follow laws, policies, rules and regulations; supervise and deal with inmates; work effectively under stress and adapt to changes; learn the use and care of firearms; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; maintain jail safety and security; make decisions with a minimum of supervision; write clear and comprehensive reports; oversee the work of others; type with sufficient speed and accuracy to perform duties as assigned.

Additional Requirements:
• U.S. Citizenship or permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship.
• Possession of a valid California Class C Driver’s license at time of appointment.
• Within the probationary period, incumbents must successfully complete training in a Correction Officer Academy and any other training deemed necessary by the Sheriff’s Department.
• Must meet minimum peace officer standards as specified in California Government Code Sections 1029 and 1031 including but not limited to the following: must have no prior felony convictions (unless fully pardoned), good moral character as determined by thorough background check; must submit fingerprints for purpose of a criminal record check and be found free from any physical, emotional or mental condition which might adversely affect the powers of a peace officer.

Some examples of duties and responsibilities of a Custody Deputy are as follows:
1. Instructs and oversees the work of a group of inmates assigned to maintenance, operational, or other rehabilitative activities;
2. Supervises the conduct of inmates during the booking process, in housing and at meals, during recreation and on work assignments; supervises family and professional visits to inmates;
3. Inspects credentials and incoming and outgoing mail;
4. Inspects living areas of inmates to insure cleanliness, orderliness and compliance to jail regulations;
5. Exercises influence for the purpose of modifying anti-social behavior and attitudes of inmates;
6. Prevents escapes, injuries and the destruction of property; searches for contraband; may receive and release prisoners;
7. Submits reports and prepares correspondence; types reports and letters, and transports prisoners and guards prisoners at hospitals and other off-site locations as directed.
We respect and value a diverse workforce.

Deadline to submit an online application is 5 PM on January 30, 2014; postmarks not accepted.
Online application and a job bulletin can be obtained 24 hours a day at To Apply: click on the Custody Deputy recruitment link and then click on “Apply” in the right corner of the job posting.

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