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Project Lifesaver Training on Sunday - Sheriff's Search and Rescue Specialized Training

Santa Barbara - April 5th, 2013

The Sheriff’s Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue team will recertify for Project Lifesaver on Sunday April 7th.   The all-volunteer group of 37 members conducts the specialized training every year to keep its national certification.  For the training at 12:30 p.m., Search & Rescue team members will conduct a mock search in which they will attempt to locate a missing person wearing a Project Lifesaver wristband in the Goleta area.  Interviews regarding Project Lifesaver and the Recertification Training will be conducted prior to the search at noon at the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue office located at 66A S. Antonio Road in Santa Barbara.

Project Lifesaver is an electronic monitoring system that locates persons with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Downs Syndrome or similar cognitive disorders that may cause the individual to become confused and wander.  The system consists of a wrist-watch sized transmitter that sends out a unique radio frequency. The signal is transmitted once per second. The transmitter is affixed to an at-risk person by a non-removable bracelet at the wrist or ankle.  Special omni-directional vehicle antenna and hand-held directional antenna allow rescuers to pinpoint the transmitter’s location from up to a mile away. If the antenna is held in an aerial position, such as a helicopter, the signal can be detected up to seven miles away. The national average to locate a person on the program from the time of deployment is less than 40 minutes.  It may take hours or days to find someone who is not on the program

Project Lifesaver is a nation-wide program that started in Virginia in 1989 and since then, there have been 2,663 searches for people on the program with all of those people found alive.  The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office started Project Lifesaver in August of 2008.   To this date in Santa Barbara County, 87 people have been served and 12 searches conducted.   About 50 people are registered for the program at this time, but the Sheriff’s Office hopes to get more people signed up.

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