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Isla Vista Halloween Weekend Stats


Isla Vista - November 4th, 2013

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the following statistics for the Halloween public safety operation in Isla Vista.  These figures are from Thursday, October 31, through Sunday, November 3, 2013.   Please note these numbers are preliminary and will not be finalized for several days.

Jail bookings   225 (173 of those were arrested for public intoxication)
Citations   249 (95 of those were for minor in possession)
Medical calls     48 (42 of those patients were transported to the hospital) 
Search and Rescue Calls   20 

‘AVOID the 12’ Saturation Patrol in Goleta:

Traffic Stops                  145
Citations                           40
Minor in Possessions       10
Open Containers              16
DUI Arrests         2

California Highway Patrol in the Highway 101 Isla Vista area:
Arrests         18  (at least 9 of those were for DUI)
Citations    414

The number of arrests and citations is fairly consistent with the past two Halloween weekends in Isla Vista.  The turnout from this year was a little lower than in previous years and was estimated to be 12 to 15 thousand people on the most crowded nights which included Halloween and Friday night. By Saturday night, the crowd had tapered off to about six to eight thousand people.  The lower attendance may be in part due to the timing of mid-terms and parent’s weekend at the University of California Santa Barbara. Also, the University conducted a campaign to discourage students at neighboring college campuses from attending Halloween in Isla Vista and the UCSB Associated Student leadership promoted a “Keep it Local, Keep it Safe” campaign.

The Sheriff’s Office is pleased to report there were no major incidents that were reported in Isla Vista.  We would like to thank all of the agencies and volunteers that participated in making this a safe Halloween weekend for the Isla Vista community. Around two hundred law enforcement personnel from various agencies were assigned each night.  While there are many contributing factors as to why the event ran smoothly this year, the Sheriff’s Office believes the law enforcement presence is important in discouraging party-goers from violating laws and in stopping incidents before they elevate to a serious level. 

It will be several weeks before the cost of the Halloween weekend operation can be determined.

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