Chaplains Program

The purpose of the Sheriff's Chaplain Program is to assist deputies in dealing with people in crisis situations. The Chaplain is equipped to deal with situations where counseling, comforting or reassuring would be of help. This type of situation would include, but not be limited to, death notification, some domestic altercations, death or near death emergencies, and other emotional non-violent occurrences.

The Chaplain must be an ordained minister of a recognized denomination, or a reputable independent church or religious organization and:

Must be at least 21 years of age.

Be in sound health and possess a valid California Driver's License.

Willing to be fingerprinted for a security clearance.

Endorsed by denomination or congregation for service as a Sheriff's Chaplain.

Exhibit and maintain high moral and character standards.

An application to become involved with the Chaplain Program may be obtained from the Sheriff's Headquarters Station, 4434 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, or you may request an application be mailed to you by calling Lt. Butch Arnoldi, 805-681-4100.

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