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Santa Barbara County Sheriff/CAMP/DEA Continue to Eradicate Marijuana

September 11, 2007 - Santa Barbara County

On Monday, September 10th, 2007 the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department with the assistance of CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) and the DEA eradicated a Marijuana field in the National Forest east of Hwy 154 and below East Camino Cielo. This Grow was spotted last week by a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Aviation crew.

Approximately 20 law enforcement personnel participated in the eradication efforts during today’s operation. A total of 6,345 plants were seized yesterday, bringing the total number of plants seized in Santa Barbara County this season to 102,218. The value of the plants seized this year in Santa Barbara County alone is estimated at over $327,000,000 (three hundred and twenty seven million dollars).

This has been a record year for Marijuana Eradication in Santa Barbara County. The Sheriff’s Department will continue to eradicate grows as they are discovered throughout the year.

Large-scale marijuana cultivation is a serious and increasingly widespread problem on public lands in California, including Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara County. These illegal operations threaten the safety of our residents and visitors to the National Forest as well as harming the environment. Marijuana plantations are very often the work of dangerous drug cartels, and forest visitors or residents who happen upon them may be harassed or assaulted. The growers are usually armed, sometimes with automatic weapons and high-power rifles, and they have been known to place booby-traps designed to seriously maim or kill intruders.

The Danger of these illicit marijuana grows was illustrated yesterday when Law Enforcement Officers in San Bernardino County were involved in a shoot out with armed suspects during a marijuana eradication operation in the San Gabriel Mountains. For more on that incident, view the link to the press release issued by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office;

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