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Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department Receives AB 900 Award for North County Jail Grant

Santa Barbara County - September 18th, 2008

Today, the Corrections Standards Authority board, at its meeting in Berkeley, California, voted to award Santa Barbara County a $56.3 million dollar grant to construct a new 304 bed North County Jail Facility. Santa Barbara County qualified for the award by agreeing to partner with the County of San Luis Obispo and San Benito in a tri-county Re-Entry Facility, to be located in the City Paso Robles and funded by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

“Today’s CSA action puts us one step closer to resolving the on-going crisis of jail overcrowding in Santa Barbara County,” said Sheriff Brown. “This $56.3 million dollar award is the largest state grant in the history of the County of Santa Barbara. It will provide the majority of funding for a Northern Branch Jail, which will also be the County’s largest ever public works project. In addition to providing much needed capacity for our jail system, this project will provide a major financial stimulus to our County’s economy, both during construction and on an on-going basis,” added Sheriff Brown. “The next step in this long and convoluted process will be for the Board of Supervisors and the community to provide on-going revenue for the operation of this facility, as well as for essential community corrections and prevention / intervention programs designed to reduce the number of persons who need to be incarcerated in our jail system.”

Today’s action moved Santa Barbara County from a “Tentative Conditional Award” to a “Conditional Award” status. A variety of additional agreements with the State will need to be negotiated to comply with State regulations regarding the sale of bonds, etc.

Santa Barbara emerged from today’s CSA meeting as one of only 8 of the original 12 County’s (8 large/medium and 4 small) originally selected for tentative conditional grant awards to remain in the process. The CSA board selected San Luis Obispo County - partners with Santa Barbara County in the Tri County Regional Re-Entry Facility - to receive a tentative conditional award in the amount of $25.1 million dollars.

For additional information on the AB900 Grant Funding Process, visit on the web.


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