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Sheriff Brown Completes Custody Deputy Transition with Swearing In Ceremony

Santa Barbara - December 17th, 2007

 In 1970 the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department established the Corrections Officer position in the county’s jail system, which had been previously operated solely by Sheriff’s Deputies. Additional positions and rank structure followed with the Corrections Sergeant position established in 1979, Corrections Lieutenant in 1991, the Corrections Commander in 2003, and in 2007 the transition from Corrections Officer to Custody Deputy.

The Transition from Corrections Officer to Custody Deputy began in March of 2007 when Sheriff Brown graduated the first class of Custody Deputies. Previously, Correction Officers were required to complete a 240-hour course of training within their first year on the job. Determined to provide the finest training to our custody staff, and afford the highest level of professional service, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department increased the minimum requirements of newly hired Correction Officers. This transition to be a Custody Deputy now required personnel complete a 385-hour course of training within their first year of employment, which is provided by the Sheriff’s Training Bureau.

Penal Code Section 830.1 c authorizes Sheriff Brown to appoint Corrections Officers to that of Deputy Sheriff’s, employed exclusively to perform custodial assignments. This appointment grants peace officer authority which extends to any place in the state while engaged in the performance of their duties. The statute also allows for Custody Deputies to be utilized in performing other law enforcement duties during a local state of emergency or disaster by augmenting existing resources, ensuring public safety to those who live in the County of Santa Barbara.

Footage of the Custody Deputy Swearing In Ceremonies is available; please contact Sgt. Alex Tipolt at 681-4053.



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