Sheriff's volunteer team

The S.V.T. Program volunteers are people who give freely of their time. It is a pro-active, non-confrontational, community-based crime prevention program which models a cooperative effort between citizen volunteers and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. The S.V.T. Program is designed to reduce local crime and social disorder by improving the effectiveness of law enforcement response, increasing patrol coverage, reducing Department workloads, and strengthening the partnerships between sworn and non-sworn personnel and the communities we serve.

Volunteers do not have peace officer status and may not carry a weapon at any time. They do not fall within the framework of the Civil Service System.

Jobs vary with training but may include patrol in communities serviced by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. Duties may include:

Civil Defense
Community Resource Assistant
Coroner Assistant
Warrants Records Aide
Fingerprint/Live Scan Operator
Home Security
Rural Crime Assistant
Research Assistant
Forensics Aide
Traffic Control Special Event Security
Sheriff’s Records Assistant
Dispatch Assistant
Patrol/Parking Enforcement/Report Writing
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator/Presenter
S.A.L. (Sheriff’s Activities League) Assistant

An applicant must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Santa Barbara County and a U.S. Citizen. A volunteer background check, DMV check, Criminal History check, employment check, and credit history check are all required prior to appointment. An S.V.T. applicant must then successfully complete all training sessions as required by the S.V.T. Coordinator. The member must then agree to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per month, including attendance at all mandatory S.V.T. training sessions and monthly meetings.

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