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Bomb Squad Investigating Suspicious Device in Isla Vista

At approximately 11:15 a.m. this morning, an employee with the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District came to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol with a backpack found abandoned in a wooded area of Anisq’Oyo Park.  When deputies looked inside the backpack they observed a suspected pipe bomb inside.  The lobby was closed and the building was evacuated.  The Bomb Squad was deployed to respond, examine the suspicious device and render it safe.  In the meantime, door to door notifications were made to residents in the immediate area to evacuate.  An aware and prepare alert was sent as well telling residents to avoid the 6500 blocks of Trigo Road, Sabado Tarde and Seville Road as well as walking and bike paths on Ocean Road between Seville and Sabado Tarde.  Traffic is being re-routed.

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