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Sheriff’s Office Investigates Alleged Threat and Rumors at Cabrillo High School

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office investigated an alleged social media threat and rumors of additional social media posts, February 22, 2018, at Cabrillo High School that has raised concerns among students, staff and parents.  The Sheriff’s Office dedicated a large number of deputies and detectives who have worked throughout the day and evening to help investigate these alleged threats.  The Sheriff’s Office has determined there is no credible threat to the school.  However in an effort to help alleviate fears and provide additional security, several deputies including the School Resource Deputy will be on campus tomorrow and there will also be increased patrols of the area.

The threats involved an Instagram direct message post that was sent between two male high school students almost one month ago. The Sheriff’s Office worked with Cabrillo High School Administrators today to identify and contact the two involved students.  Deputies contacted the families of the students at their residences and determined the students did not have access to firearms.

The Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the Lompoc Unified School District also investigated rumors of an alleged Snapchat post and alleged hit list neither of which have been determined to be valid or credible.

The Sheriff’s Office takes seriously and fully investigates reports of threats.  We encourage our community members to report any potential threats to law enforcement right away.




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