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Detectives Arrest Suspects for Gas Station Robbery

Santa Maria, Calif. – At approximately 11:00 a.m. 5/19/2020, detectives arrested two suspects in Bakersfield for a gas station robbery in Santa Maria. On Friday, May 15, 2020, at approximately 6:42 p.m. deputies responded to a 911 call from a gas station in the 1200-block of East Betteravia Road. The caller reported that the gas station had just been robbed by two suspects who fled the area in a vehicle. Deputies checked the area for the suspects and their vehicle but were unable to locate them. The suspect’s description was broadcast to area agencies and an initial report was taken. A San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s deputy heard the broadcast description, recognized that it was similar to a theft case in their jurisdiction, and connected with deputies to share information.

The case was then forwarded to detectives who immediately began follow-up. With the assistance of the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office, detectives were able to identify the two suspects as 30-year-old Emanuel Ochoa of Santa Maria and 24-year-old Brandy Baldivia of Guadalupe. Detectives tracked the two suspects to the Bakersfield area and authored a search and arrest warrant for the hotel room where they were staying at in the 2300-block of Wible Road.

Yesterday, detectives along with the Bakersfield Police Department Violent Crime Apprehension Team served the warrant at a hotel in Bakersfield and took the two suspects into custody without incident. Both suspects were booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail. Ochoa was booked for robbery (felony), burglary (felony), false imprisonment (felony), wearing a mask for an unlawful purpose (misdemeanor), and conspiracy (felony) as well as for an outstanding warrant for a violation of probation. His bail is $100,000. Baldivia was arrested for robbery (felony), burglary (felony), false imprisonment (felony), wearing a mask for an unlawful purpose (misdemeanor), and conspiracy (felony). Her bail is also $100,000.

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s detectives are coordinating efforts with the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office and the Pismo Beach Police Department who are all investigating similar cases.

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