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Juvenile Suspect Booked for Murder Charges, Getaway Vehicle Impounded

Santa Barbara, Calif. – Sheriff’s Detectives have re-booked the juvenile from last week’s warrant service on additional charges including two counts of murder. Last week, during warrant service related to the double homicide on January 7, 2021, Sheriff’s Detectives arrested a 15-year-old male juvenile who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. As part of their ongoing investigation, Sheriff’s Detectives uncovered evidence linking the juvenile to the double homicide and have re-booked him on charges including two counts of murder, special circumstances: more than one offense of murder, special circumstances: murder committed during commission of robbery, robbery, criminal conspiracy, felony committed for the benefit of a criminal street gang, and firearm used in the commission of the crime causing death.

Additionally, Sheriff’s Detectives have impounded the vehicle that was used by the suspects during the commission of the murders. The vehicle, a 2015 black Nissan Altima, was recovered in the Ventura area on Friday, February 5, 2021. Detectives are interested in hearing from anyone who may have seen the suspects and the vehicle on the night of and days following the murder. Detectives would also like to encourage anyone who has been similarly robbed to contact Sheriff’s Detectives at (805)681-4150, or anyone can leave an anonymous tip by calling (805)681-4171 or online at

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