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Main Jail Resumes Visitation

Santa Barbara, Calif. – The Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that we will resume in-person visitation on May 10, 2021. In-person visiting schedules have been created for the Main Jail which allow for social distancing between visitors. Schedules can be easily found at under the How Do I, Visit an Inmate drop down menus.

Visitors are required to wear a mask when entering the facility, follow social distancing markers in the seating areas and respect the social distance of other visitors.  Visitors will be able to remove their masks while using the visiting phone.

Visitors will be allowed inside in hourly intervals with all visits lasting no longer than 30 minutes. This will allow time for sanitizing before the next group. Visitors are expected to check in at the lobby prior to the cut-off times, and should do so early, so that waiting lists can be fairly maintained.

All efforts have been made to maximize visiting opportunities while also maintaining safety for visitors and inmates. Despite this, visiting demands may be high and some visitors may not be accommodated.

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