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Multiple Search Warrants Served Related to Disturbing Chat Room Posts

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division are continuing their investigation into several high school student(s) who posted threatening and derogatory comments directed at female students on a private internet chat room. The comments are vulgar and may rise to the level of criminal threats.  A disturbing video was posted as well.

Sheriff’s detectives obtained and executed three search warrants related to this investigation.  Pursuant to those warrants, detectives seized items of evidence for examination by the Sheriff’s High Tech Crimes Unit. The facts relevant to this case, along with all appropriate evidence, will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for further review to determine if criminal prosecution is warranted. Sheriff’s detectives have determined that none of the involved students is in possession of nor do they have access to functioning firearms or dangerous devices.

The Sheriff’s Office is currently interviewing everyone involved in this matter. Currently, Sheriff’s detectives do not believe there is any immediate threat to anyone at school or in the community. We are working closely with the school administration to bring this matter to appropriate resolution. The safety and welfare of the students is our highest priority.

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