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Names Released of Montecito Residents Fatally Injured During Flood Incident  

As of Thursday, January 11, 2018, the Santa Barbara County Coroner’s Office had received 17 decedents directly related to the January 9, 2018 flood incident in the Montecito area.  All of the decedents are from Montecito and have been positively identified by the Coroner’s Office.  Next of kin for all 17 decedents have been notified of the deaths with the assistance of the Family Assistance Center and Coroner’s Office personnel.  The cause of death for all 17 decedents will be listed as “Multiple traumatic injuries due to flash flood with mudslides due to recent wildfire”.


The names and ages of the decedents are as follows:

Jonathan Benitez – 10 years old

Kailly Benitez – 3 years old

Martin Cabrera-Munoz – 48 years old

David Cantin – 49 years old

Sawyer Corey – 12 years old

Peter Fleurat – 73 years old

Josephine Gower – 69 years old

John McManigal – 61 years old

Alice Mitchell – 78 years old

James Mitchell – 89 years old

Mark Montgomery – 54 years old

Caroline Montgomery – 22 years old

Marilyn Ramos – 27 years old

Rebecca Riskin – 61 years old

Roy Rohter – 84 years old

Peerawat Sutthithepn – 6 years old

Richard Taylor – 67 years old

The Sheriff’s Office wants to express our heartfelt sadness to the family and friends of those who lost their loved ones.  We request that you respect their privacy during this most difficult time.


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