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Nine Additional Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19

Santa Barbara, Calif. – Nine additional inmates at the Main Jail have tested positive for COVID-19. Two of the inmates were exhibiting COVID-19 related symptoms on Tuesday were found to be COVID-19 positive yesterday. The additional 7 inmates were tested as part of sweeping testing of over 450 inmates and found to be COVID-19 positive today (9/3/20). All nine inmates are being monitored by custody and medical staff regularly.

There are an additional 290 test results from sweeping tests that are pending.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Main Jail COVID-19 Related Cases
Positive Upon Intake Contracted Within Facility Total Cases
Active Cases Medically Monitored/ Treated 0 42 42
Recovered 2 17 19
Released from Custody 4 6 10
Deceased 1 0 1
TOTAL 7 65 72
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