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Santa Barbara County Continues to Provide Mutual Aid to Ventura County

Santa Barbara County law enforcement continue to provide mutual aid support to Ventura County due to wildfires burning in both Ventura County and Los Angeles County.  There are currently 43 Santa Barbara County peace officers assigned to help provide security patrols to the widespread evacuation areas in both counties.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office currently has 20 deputies assigned and the Santa Barbara Police Department has nine officers assigned.  The Santa Maria Police Department has joined the mutual aid effort and has nine officers assigned.  UCSB Police also is now part of the mutual aid group and has five officers assigned.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff/Fire Air Support continues to have Copter 308 and a crew assigned to Ventura County and is available to fly if requested.  Santa Barbara County law enforcement will provide continued personnel as needed.

Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Olmstead said Santa Barbara County is pleased to be able to return the favor to Ventura County who has always been there for our agency.   He said, “Throughout the years we have counted on mutual aid from across the state during all of our disasters.  We are pleased we can provide service to our neighboring counties.”

Lt. Olmstead also said the Santa Barbara County peace officers are grateful for the acknowledgment they have received from the people in the areas where they are patrolling.  He said, “The community has been very receptive to us being here.  We have had many people come up to us and say thank you.  We appreciate their support.”

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