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Sheriff Releases Update on Efforts to Identify Victims of Conception Incident

Santa Barbara 9/6/19 – In a press conference held earlier today, Sheriff Bill Brown provided an update on the efforts to identify the victims of the Conception Incident.

The Sheriff’s Office has been successful in locating the next of kin of all 34 passengers who died in the incident.  While the search efforts are ongoing, only 33 of victims have been recovered.  At the 10:00 AM press conference, the Sheriff released the names of 9 victims who had been positively identified, and whose next of kin had been notified.  The Coroner’s Office, with the assistance of rapid DNA technology, has now been able to positively identify 23 of the 33 victims recovered.  22 of the 23 families have now been notified formally by Sheriff’s Investigators.  The Sheriff’s Office will not be releasing the passenger manifest in whole.  As next of kin is notified of positive identification, the Sheriff’s Office will release those names.

At the 10:00 AM press conference, the Sheriff announced that the families of the following victims had been notified:

Raymond “Scott” Chan           59        M         Los Altos, CA
Justin Carroll Dignam             58        M         Anaheim, CA
Daniel Garcia                          46        M         Berkeley, CA
Marybeth Guiney                    51        F          Santa Monica, CA
Yulia Krashennaya                  40        F          Berkeley, CA
Alexandra Kurtz                      26        F          Santa Barbara, CA
Caroline McLaughlin               35        F          Oakland, CA
Ted Strom                               62        M         Germantown, TN
Wei Tan                                   26        F          Goleta, CA

Since the 10:00 AM press conference, these additional positive identifications and notifications have been made:

Kendra Chan                           26        F          Oxnard, CA
Angela Rose Quitasol             28        F          Stockton, CA
Evan Michel Quitasol              37        F          Stockton, CA
Nicole Storm Quitasol             31        F          Imperial Beach, CA
Michael Quitasol                     62        M         Stockton, CA
Carol Diana Adamic                60        F          Santa Cruz, CA
Andrew Fritz                            40        M         Sacramento, CA
Charles McIlvain                      44        M         Santa Monica, CA
Steven Salika                           55        M         Santa Cruz, CA
Tia Salika-Adamic                    17        F          Santa Cruz, CA
Neal Gustav Baltz                    42        M         Pheonix, AZ
Patricia Ann Beitzinger            48        F          Chandler, AZ
Vaidehi Campbell                     41        F          Felton, CA

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