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Sheriff’s Office Accepting Applications for Custody Deputies, Sheriff’s Deputy Trainees and New Sheriff’s Service Technician Positions

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is looking for individuals who are interested in a rewarding and meaningful career with the Sheriff’s Office to be part of our upcoming testing for Custody Deputy, Sheriff’s Deputy Trainee, and Sheriff’s Service Technician.  While we accept applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we encourage you to apply by April 17th (5 PM) to be a part of our May 18, 2019 testing date.  Applications received after that date will be processed for the following testing cycle later this summer.

The new Sheriff’s Service Technician is similar to the commonly known ‘Community Service Officer’ that allied agencies have except that many of these positions will also work within the jail facilities to augment and support our Custody staff as well as work from our various patrol stations where they will support our Patrol staff.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office prides itself on having a great team of dedicated professionals who are committed to protecting and serving the citizens in our community.  We believe in the importance of having a diverse workforce that is reflective of our community and encourage all qualified men and women of varied backgrounds, experiences and races to apply.  This is an exciting time to join the Sheriff’s Office, as the new Northern Branch Jail is scheduled to open the end of this year.

A career as a Custody Deputy, Sheriff’s Deputy or Sheriff’s Service Technician is exciting, challenging and rewarding with the opportunity to work a variety of assignments and a chance to develop and advance.  We are looking for quality candidates to join our ranks who want to make a difference and believe they have what it takes to succeed. All career paths require individuals who have great moral character, strong interpersonal skills, the ability to handle stress, good judgement and a sound work ethic among other skill sets.

The application process is comprehensive and requires many steps, including but not limited to an extensive application, physical agility test, written test, background investigation and interviews.

To apply to become a part of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office Team, go to:

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