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Sheriff’s Office Investigates Concerning Internet Posts

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating concerning posts and a video discovered on a private internet chatroom.  The posts were brought to the attention of San Marcos High School staff on January 19, 2018 following a minimum day of school.  School administrators immediately reported the case to the Sheriff’s Office who then began an investigation.

The investigation revealed a group of male students listed a group of high school female students and posted derogatory and vulgar descriptions about the women.  There was also a threatening video created by a male student with what appeared to be an antique musket. While the video is disturbing in nature, it did not specifically target any particular student or the high school.  It was determined there was not an immediate threat to the students or the school.  The school notified the families of the female students included in the posts.

The Sheriff’s Office worked closely with school administrators to identify the group of students responsible for creating the posts and the student who made the video. The first day school was in session since the discovery of the posts, on January 22, 2018, the students responsible were contacted upon arrival to school and action was taken by the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

The case is under investigation by the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division



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