Goleta Valley Bureau & City of Goleta

Goleta Valley Bureau

The Goleta Valley Patrol Bureau is located at Sheriff’s Headquarters and provides patrol, emergency response, initial investigation and preventive patrol to the unincorporated area of Goleta Valley, as well as police services to the City of Goleta. The Goleta Valley Station’s patrol area of responsibility extends from the Gaviota Tunnel to the Santa Barbara city limits. It includes the area from the coast to the crest of the Santa Ynez Mountains, from the Santa Barbara District to the Los Padres National Forest, and to the three northern-most islands in the Santa Barbara Channel, twenty-three miles offshore. Deputies assigned to this area take pride in the relatively crime free status of the community.

Goleta Police Department

The City of Goleta and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office enjoy a mutually respectful and collaborative working partnership.

The Goleta Police Department is committed to providing our community with the highest quality police services possible to maintain the quality of life that is treasured by those who reside, work and visit here. Our objective is to sustain a partnership and problem solving relationship between the police and the community to control and prevent crime through strategic planning, innovation, and pro-active programs in a setting where individuals are treated with dignity, equality and respect.

In order to fulfill this commitment, we will:
Respond positively to the community’s needs, desires and values and in so doing be recognized as an extension and reflection of those we serve.
Strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for all, to minimize violence and property loss resulting from criminal acts, injuries and a diminished quality of life caused by traffic violators.
Manage inevitable change and welcome the challenge of future problems with creative solutions, which are financially prudent and consistent with community values.
You can contact the Goleta Chief of Police Services Lt. Rich Brittingham at (805) 961-7512 or

Motor Traffic Unit

Sergeant Noel Rivas leads the Motor Traffic Unit of the City of Goleta Police Department. The Motor Traffic Unit’s mission is to maintain the normal and safe flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic throughout the City of Goleta. The Traffic Unit uses several means to conduct their mission, including the use of radar speed detection devices, and vehicle and motorcycle patrols.

In addition to regular traffic patrol, the unit also performs the following important safety duties:

DUI Checkpoints
School Zones
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Public Announcements and Updates
You can contact Sgt. Rivas at (805) 961-7516 or via email at

Deputy Connor Worden is the Community Resource Deputy for the City of Goleta. The goals of the Community Resource Deputy position are to help solve chronic problems by working collaboratively with citizens and other agencies and empowering residents with the knowledge of how to make their neighborhoods safer.

These are some of the duties that Deputy Worden is responsible for: Neighborhood Watch Program, Business Watch Program, Nighttime Gang Enforcement, Graffiti Investigations. Bluff and Beach Patrols, Chronic neighbor disputes and Advisories
You can contact Deputy Conner Worden at (805) 968-3878 or via email at


Senior Deputy George Hedricks is the School Resource Deputy (SRD) for the City of Goleta. SRD Hedricks is a trusted and integral member of the school staff; in fact he was selected as the Dos Pueblos High School Varsity Baseball Team Head Coach in 2016. His input on a variety of issues, not necessarily limited to law enforcement issues, is sought by school administration and staff on a regular basis as well as students and parents.

SRD Hedricks was awarded the 2017 Honorary Service Award from the Dos Pueblos High School PTA. SRD Hedricks works with the most vulnerable members of the City’s population, teenagers. His impact upon this demographic has a profound, positive outcome that shapes their lives into becoming productive, law abiding citizens within our community.

You can contact Senior Deputy Hedricks at (805) 968-2541 x 4573 or via email at

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