Policies and Procedures

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office – Policy Manual

Department Policies and Procedures

– Dispatch
Dispatch Orientation
Intro to User Agencys
911 Hang Up Calls
After hours LEO Flying Armed
Air Medical Resources
Air Support Calls for Service
Animal Services
After Hours Records Duties
After Hours Warrant Abstract
BDS Alarm
Burn Status
CLETS Second Party Check for Accuracy
Code 33 & Channel Marker
Console Position Responsibilities
Console Relief Requirements
Critical Minimum Staffing
CAD Notation of 081 and Tracking of Response Times
Cell Phones & Personal Electronic Devices
Changes to CAD
Chaplain Requests
Dispatch Building Procedures
Dispatch Center 9-1-1 System Failure Procedures
Dispatch Center CAD System Failure Procedures
Dispatch Center Earthquake Procedures
Dispatch Center Evacuation Procedures
Dispatch Center Fire Procedures
Dispatch Center Radio System Failure Procedures
Dispatch Center UPS System, Generator, Power Failure Procedures
Dispatch Dress Code
Dispatch Staffing Levels
Dispatch Tasks and Projects
DOJ-CLETS Data Security
EMD Call Review
EMD Critical Sequence Call Handling
Emergency Protective Orders
EMD Transferred Calls
Employee Storage Areas
ENS Procedure
Fax and Copy Machine
Fire Incident Clock
Fire Resource Response & Check Back
Food and Beverages at Consoles
Hazardous Materials Spill Reports
Hope Ranch Beach Smoke
Hospital Mandated Reporting
Language and Demeanor
Logging Recorder
Mass Casualty Incidents
Medical Calls received by Non-EMD certified calltakers
Mutual Aid Cooperative Agreement for Use of Radio Frequencies
No Fire Response C2 Medicals to Authorized locations
Noise Complaints
Outside Agency Requests for Canine Response
Personal Phone Calls
Release of Agency Information
Requests for Telephone Calls
S.B. Co. Regional Task Force 12
Search and Rescue
Sheriff Service Technicians
Sick Leave Notification
Shift Rotation Process
SY Valley Air Basin 8X11
Use of Radio Code 10-36
Vacation and Discretionary Time off
Welfare Checks – Firearms
– Human Resources
– Custody
– Holding Cells
– Civil Policy
– Forensics
– UnderSheriff Directives 2023
– UnderSheriff Directives 2022
– UnderSheriff Directives 2020
– UnderSheriff Directives 2019
– RMS (Report Management System)
– Mounted Unit
– Sheriff’s Bulletins
– Other Policies and Procedures
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