Special Operations Response Team (SORT)

The mission of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Special Operations Response Team (SORT) is to provide safety, security, control and order for Custody Operations in incidents of critical or high-risk nature. SORT collectively trains once a month on the core components of their mission. The purpose of the Santa Barbara County SORT Team is to provide an organized, structured, response to critical incidents that are beyond the normal capabilities of Custody Deputies to include but are not limited to any of the following events:
1. Riots
2. Jail Disturbances
3. Inmate Strikes
4. Natural Disasters
5. Courthouse Security for “High-Profile” Prisoners
6. High Risk Prisoner Transportation
7. Mass Movements during Emergencies
8. Field Booking Team
9. Special Cell Searches
10. Visitor and Jail Perimeter Searches

The Team is comprised of Custody Deputies, Senior Custody Deputies and Custody Sergeants with a range of primary duties, but can respond to critical jail incidents to maintain the safety and security within the facility or the County.

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