Custody Operations


The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office (SBSO) Custody Operations Branch enhances public safety by managing offenders in a safe, humane, and cost-efficient manner consistent with sound correctional principles and constitutional standards.

We are committed to excellence, emphasizing accountability, diversity, integrity and professionalism. We shall assess the needs of offenders and provide services that assist offenders in the transition and reintegration back into the community..

We will preserve the confidence that the public has placed upon us to aid in developing a safe and secure community through having a positive impact on the persons we detain by maintaining a fair, impartial, and humane environment at all the facilities under our supervision.


The Custody Operations Branch is an innovative leader within the Corrections profession and is an integral component of the criminal justice system. The community is a safer place to live and work because Custody Operations provides services and programs that allow for the appropriate management and supervision of offenders

We recognize Corrections as our chosen career. The employees of the Custody Operations Branch are cornerstones of the agency. We share a common purpose and a commitment to the highest professional standards and excellence in public service. The Custody Operations Branch is committed to our employees and continually strives to promote professional staff development.


  1. Provide leadership in public safety and ensure model practices through supervision and management of offenders.
  2. Create and consistently apply practices to ensure a safe and healthy environment in all our operations.
  3. Promote the Corrections profession and staff development.
  4. Create a highly effective workforce whose practices demonstrate the highest professional standards.
  5. Develop and implement quality programs and services that provide offenders the opportunity for positive change.
  6. Recognize the interests of victims, volunteers and criminal justice providers and acknowledge their input in the Agency’s management of offenders.



Honesty & Integrity
What does Honesty & Integrity mean to Custody Operations Employees?

Leadership & Teamwork
What does Leadership & Teamwork mean to Custody Operations employees?

Responsive to All Citizens
What does Responsive to All Citizens look like in Custody Operations?

Focus on Results
What does “Focus on Results” look like in Custody Operations?

Policy of Non-Discrimination based on Disability

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office strives to ensure that all persons
with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations while
incarcerated. If you require an accommodation that is not currently being
afforded, contact your Module Deputy for an ADA Request for
Accommodations form.

For all other ADA related requests please contact:

CDII Aaron Gray, Facility Designee
Santa Barbara County Main Jail
4436 Calle Real
Santa Barbara, California 93110
Phone Number: 805-681-4223

CDII Eric Cohen, ADA Coordinator
Northern Branch Jail
2301 Black Road
Santa Maria, California 93455
Phone Number:  805-554-3114

ADA Hotline Phone Number: 805-681-4095
ADA Coordinator email address:

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 is a Federal Act that provides guidelines to detect, prevent, identify and deter incidents of sexual assault and sexual abuse in detention facilities. The Act was enacted to establish a zero-tolerance standard for incidents of sexual assault /abuse in correctional facilities, and establishes national standards for the prevention, reduction and punishment for sexual assault/abuse in a correctional setting.

Sexual assault and sexual abuse are NOT TOLERATED at any facility operated by the Sheriff. It is the policy of the Sheriff’s Office that sexual assault/abuse by an employee, vendor, contracted agency, volunteer, inmate or other non-department member with a business association with the department, is prohibited. No individual, no matter his/her title or position, has the authority to commit or allow sexual assault/abuse.

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