Custody Support Division

The Custody Support Division is under the command of Commander Ken Callahan and is comprised of several distinct and separate units. These units include: Inmate Programs to include educational opportunities, vocational courses, substance/addiction education, and offender re-entry services.  Alternative Sentencing allows for individuals to complete their court ordered sentences, pending qualification, on an Electronic Monitoring System.  Electronic Monitoring helps reduce over-crowding, while allowing individuals to maintain work status and a supportive family environment.  The Classification Unit is responsible for determining appropriate housing within our custodial facilities.  Classification is also responsible for determining program participation eligibility.

Custody Support Division is also responsible for our contracted medical provider, Wellpath.  Wellpath began servicing the needs of our inmate population on April 1, 2017.  Wellpath and the Sheriff’s Office are committed to providing appropriate and timely care for both medical and mental health services.

The Northern Branch Jail Project is also a component of the Custody Support Division.  The new facility, to be built in Santa Maria, will have 376 beds, most designed to incorporate direct supervision as our operating philosophy.  Services, such as education, counseling, and limited medical/mental health, will be provided directly within the housing units, thus increasing staff efficiency and leading to a more engaged inmate population.

Maintenance and Custody Records are also vital units within Custody Support Division.  The Maintenance Unit uses inmate labor to complete routine facility maintenance as well as maintaining cleanliness standards.  Custody Records works directly with our courts, and all federal, state, and local agencies.  The Records Unit assists with bail, court documents, and transfers to other facilities to include state prisons.


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