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The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Reverse 911® emergency notification system is a tool designed to enhance emergency preparedness and facilitate urgent and necessary notifications to citizens during emergent events by using the ability to send a recorded message to Santa Barbara County homes on local phone lines.
Our emergency notification system gets called upon for neighborhood emergencies and community events where health and safety is a concern such as fires, flood warnings, evacuation notices, missing person notifications and much more.


Because of increasing popularity and usage of cell phones, we have found it necessary to include wireless device numbers in our database, to reach more people than ever. If you are interested in voluntarily registering your wireless device with us, follow the link to our Self Registration Portal on this page.


Some frequently asked questions:


Do you already have my phone number?


If you have “landline” service, yes: We have both listed and unlisted, business and residential phone numbers within Santa Barbara County.


Our database is managed weekly by Verizon, which consolidates customer address information of all landline telephone service providers. If you are a customer of Verizon or Cox Communications, no action is required.


If you have digital or internet telephone service, check with your phone provider to see if they are “E911 compliant” and that your account information is current.

Can I have my phone number be associated with multiple locations?

No. Our Reverse 911® system does not allow the phone number to be associated with more than one address in Santa Barbara County’s database. The most recent address change to the phone number will be the one used.

Is my number safe?

Yes.  Your number is only used for emergency notifications, and is kept locally.  We do not sell or distribute any of your information for any purpose not directly related to emergency notification.

I have call screening/interception to discourage telemarketers.  Will I get the message?

It depends. If your telephone system simply requires a valid caller ID, we will get through. Our caller IDs will show as “COSB 681-4200”  

However, if your telephone setup blocks, electronically fools or intercepts a caller then wait until the call is accepted, the Reverse911® system will not be able to get through to you. During a community disaster, please consider disabling such blocking. 

I live in a remote area, sometimes my location is hard to find

Emergency notifications are usually geographically based. Please consider using the Self Registration Portal to show where your location really is.

PO Boxes will not work for Reverse 911® service.

I did not get called during a recent event.  How can I be sure my information is correct?

Because emergency notifications are usually geographically based, showing the system where you are will solve the problem in most cases. You can use the Self Registration Portal for this.

Will my telephone get called if the power goes out?

If your telephone is “corded”, meaning a Plain Old Telephone powered by the phone line, yes.  If you have a cordless phone, it will work as long as the base unit has battery or backup power. If you are you are using a cell phone, your cell tower may be affected. 

Can I add more than one cell phone number to my address?

During an emergency, we need to reach as many numbers and households possible, in the shortest amount of time. If you need to add cell numbers to your address, include people that can relay emergency messages to other household members.

I’ve put in the address on the Self Registration Site, but it says it can’t find the address?

The site behaves differently with various internet browsers. Try using Internet Explorer or Safari.


***Be sure to add the Reverse 911's email address: "" to your address book so that future emails do not get delivered to junk or spam folders***


Para ver este sitio en español, haga clic aquí


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