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46 Men and Women Graduate from Sheriff’s Treatment Program

Santa Barbara, Calif. – On Friday, October 13, 2023, Sheriff’s Office team members joined the Sheriff’s Treatment Program at the Main Jail to congratulate 46 incarcerated men and women as they received Certificates of Achievement upon completion of 6-week courses in Financial Literacy and Responsible Thinking.

 The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Treatment Program (STP) improves long-term public safety and reduces each participant’s risk of recidivism by teaching effective, evidence-based interpersonal skills that guide the development of a pro-social lifestyle and change the behaviors that lead to criminality and other risky choices.

STP is separate from the educational and vocation opportunities available at the jail. As a stand-alone program, STP offers classes and services that meet the unique needs of those inmates most likely to return to custody due to extensive criminality, anti-social lifestyle choices, and limited pro-social opportunities and experiences. Inmate who are at high risk of reoffending are identified for this intensive in-custody program. Services and classes include:

  • Case Planning/Management
  • Cognitive Behavioral Training
  • Criminal & Addictive Thinking
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Release and Reintegration

During the graduation ceremony, Sheriff Brown encouraged each person to meet adversity head-on and shared insight on how they can revitalize their lives. An additional group of graduates at the Northern Branch Jail will graduate from STP courses at the end of this week. For more information about the Sheriff’s Programs Unit, please visit our website-


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