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Custody Deputy Honored at Military Order of the World Wars Awards Luncheon

Santa Barbara, Calif. – On Wednesday, March 30, 2024, Custody Deputy Florice Soto was honored at the Military Order of the World Wars, Colonel George C. Woolsey Chapter 113 awards luncheon with the National Law and Order Outstanding Performance Award. This recognition honors those who excel in local, and national security, homeland security, law enforcement and service to the community.

Custody Deputy Soto is a military veteran who proudly served with the United States Army for 10 years before being honorably discharged in 2000. At the time of her discharge, Soto was a Sergeant assigned to the 52nd Engineer Battalion, Combat Heavy. Custody Deputy Soto began her career with the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office in October 1998 as a Utility Worker and promoted to Custody Deputy in 2007. Custody Deputy Soto has been a training officer for over twenty years and guides our newest team members with an incredible representation of Sheriff’s Office values in action.

Custody Deputy Soto is currently assigned to the Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) Northern Branch Jail facility. The BHU is a specialized direct supervision mental health housing unit where the module deputy works in close collaboration with WellPath Health Services, program counselors, community resource volunteers, discharge planning, and most importantly, the most fragile and high need incarcerated population. Custody Deputy Soto consistently brings the highest level of attention, empathy, and professionalism to her work in the BHU.

Custody Deputy Soto’s recent highlight is focused on her remarkable work in her current assignment; however, she has been a consistent and valuable asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Santa Barbara County. Custody Deputy Soto has twice been recognized as Custody Deputy of the Quarter and is considered one of the most respected and knowledgeable members of our Custody Operations Division. Custody Commander Sullivan shared “You don’t have to look far to find a staff member or inmate who can tell you about how extraordinary Custody Deputy Soto is. Walking the halls of our facility alongside her and watching her interactions is a testament to the positive impact our custody team can have in the community.”

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