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Hidden Camera Found in Landscaping- Gardeners Encouraged to Report Additional Cases

Santa Barbara, Calif.  – Sheriff’s Deputies are warning the public of an incident where a hidden camera was found in the landscaping of a residence. On April 16, 2024, deputies began investigating a report of a hidden camera that was found by gardeners in the front yard of a residence in the 200-block of Via El Encantador. The camera was buried in a landscaped area of the front yard of a single-family residence, covered with camouflage tape and plants so that it was mostly concealed except for the center of the lens. The device consists of a battery pack, power cord and a camera with a memory card. These items were processed for evidence and booked for retention.

While deputies are continuing to follow-up on this investigation, additional reports of very similar cases have been shared by law enforcement agencies throughout California. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office would like the public to be aware of this incident and encourage anyone who finds a similar device to immediately report it to law enforcement. A photo of the device that was found in Santa Barbara County is being shared with this press release to help residents know what to look for.

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