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Northern Branch Jail Down to 5 Inmate Covid Cases

Sheriff’s Office Custody staff and their Wellpath healthcare partners have cleared five of the inmate Covid cases at the Northern Branch Jail (NBJ). Since the last press release on Friday, January 25, 2022, testing has been ongoing and there have been no additional Covid positive inmates detected in the NBJ inmate population. Five of the previously reported Covid positive inmates have recovered, and one Covid positive inmate was transferred to the Main Jail. There are five remaining Covid positive inmates in the NBJ.

Custody staff are working with our Wellpath healthcare partners to monitor and care for the five remaining Covid positive inmates. The Sheriff’s Office is also coordinating with the Santa Barbara Court and the Public Defender’s Office to adjust court appearances to prevent the spread of the virus through the movement of inmates. In addition, all staff, contractors, vendors, and others who work in positions having direct inmate contact are regularly tested and required to wear an N95 mask while working.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide regular updates on the status of Covid in the Santa Barbara County jails.

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