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Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Extends Gratitude to Dedicated Volunteers and Service Providers

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office hosted two events to recognize and thanking over 50 volunteers and service providers from diverse backgrounds who selflessly dedicate their time, skills, and compassion to support the rehabilitation and well-being of individuals within our county jails. Volunteers and service providers at the Main Jail were honored on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, and at the Northern Branch Jail on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. This recognition underscores the immeasurable contributions of our volunteers in fostering positive change within our jail facilities.

Every week, numerous volunteers come into the jail to supplement the traditional inmate programming. Organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) provide representatives that help the guidance of addiction issues. Prison Yoga Project Santa Barbara provides weekly practices in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to reduce the impact of stress and trauma of incarceration. Several self-awareness classes are offered by Chaplains. Educational classes are provided by Allan Hancock and Santa Barbara City Colleges. Pacifica Graduate Institute offer women’s writing groups. Planned Parenthood leads health education workshops and donates all the books for both jail facility libraries. Former Washington Post journalist Scott Wilson leads writing groups. GRID Alternatives offers the Solar Installation Training Program. Transitions Mental Health provides programs at the Northern Branch Jail and The Wellness Center offers programs at the Main Jail. Their unwavering commitment plays a pivotal role in promoting personal growth, resilience, and hope among incarcerated individuals.

Through their tireless efforts, volunteers contribute to the transformative journey of those striving to reintegrate into society. Their presence not only enhances the rehabilitative environment within our facilities but also embodies the spirit of community and empathy. During the two events, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’ s Office extended their profound gratitude to each and every volunteer for their invaluable service. Their dedication exemplifies the power of compassion and solidarity in fostering positive change within our communities.

For organizations interested in partnerships or for more information on volunteer opportunities and how to get involved, please contact Programs and Services Manager, Alice Perez at

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