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Sheriff’s Office Offers Tips for Halloween Safety

Santa Barbara, Calif. – Halloween is a night filled with costumes, candy, and festive fun, but it’s also important to consider safety before heading out. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office would like to offer tips and advice to help keep you and your loved ones safe during this spooky season.

Plan Ahead

Before embarking on your trick-or-treat adventure, plan your route. Stick to well-lit and familiar areas and consider using a map or GPS to avoid getting lost. Designated meeting place in case you become separated from your group. Set a curfew for children and teenagers to ensure they return home at a reasonable time. Charge your cell phone and carry it with you for emergencies.

Costume Safety

Costumes are a fun part of Halloween, but they should also be safe. Choose costumes that fit well and don’t drag on the ground, reducing the risk of tripping. Opt for bright, visible colors or add reflective tape to costumes to increase visibility in the dark. Avoid masks that obstruct vision. Instead, use makeup or face paint for facial disguises.

Traffic Safety

Drivers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of Halloween night. Exercise extra caution while driving on Halloween night, especially in residential areas where children are likely to be present. Drive below the posted speed limit and slow down further in areas with lots of trick-or-treaters. Minimize distractions while driving, such as texting or using a cell phone. Be patient and prepared to stop at any time, as excited children may dart into the street unexpectedly. Consider alternative routes to avoid heavy trick-or-treating areas.

Trick-or-Treating Safety

When trick-or-treating, consider these safety guidelines:

  • Always use sidewalks and crosswalks when walking.
  • Look both ways before crossing streets.
  • Avoid cutting through yards, dark alleys, or vacant lots.
  • Travel in groups or with a trusted adult and stay together throughout the evening.
  • Carry a flashlight or glow sticks to make yourself more visible to motorists and others.
  • Teach children to never enter a stranger’s home or accept rides from unfamiliar individuals.
  • Examine all candy and treats before consuming them. Discard any items that appear tampered with or unwrapped.

Pet Safety

Pets can get anxious or scared during Halloween festivities, but there are a few things you can do to ensure their safety. Keep your pets in a quiet and secure area away from the front door to prevent them from escaping or getting overly stressed. Ensure that your pets are wearing proper identification tags in case they do manage to get out. Chocolate and certain decorations can be toxic to pets, so keep these out of their reach.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office encourages everyone to celebrate responsibly, prioritize safety, and be considerate of your fellow community members. Together, we can have a safe and spooktacular Halloween!

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