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Suspect Arrested After Brandishing Knife at Deputies

Santa Maria, Calif.  – Sheriff’s deputies have apprehended a suspect who repeatedly brandished a knife at them while attempting to escape. On Friday, October 13, 2023, at approximately 12:30 p.m., Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 3500-block of Orcutt Road for a report of a suspected DUI driver that nearly collided with the reporting party before parking in front of a liquor store. When deputies arrived, they found the suspect in his vehicle with an open container of alcohol. The suspect, 22-year-old Christian Richard Ward from Santa Maria, brandished a knife at deputies and attempted to flee on foot.

Deputies followed the suspect on foot while he continued to brandish the knife at them. Deputies attempted to apprehend the suspect using less-lethal options including a ballistics projectile and taser. The suspect eventually surrendered, was arrested and received medical attention for superficial injuries. He is being booked at the Northern Branch Jail with booking charges and bail amount pending.

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