09/26/2014 Suspect Wanted for Burglarizing Businesses in Solvang
09/25/2014 DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint City of Goleta
09/24/2014 Suspect Arrested for Thefts in Mission Canyon Area

Santa Barbara Man Arrested for Alleged Child Molestation

09/09/2014 AVOID The 12 Summer / Labor Day DUI Enforcement Campaign RESULTS
AUGUST 2014  
08/29/2014 AVOID The 12 Summer / Labor Day DUI Enforcement Campaign
08/28/2014 Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Armed, Suicidal Subject in Isla Vista
08/26/2014 Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Assists Monterey County
08/19/2014 Sheriff's Office Investigates Homicide Near Guadalupe
08/14/2014 74 Former State Prisoners Graduate From Day Reporting Centers
08/14/2014 AVOID The 12 Labor Day Schedule
08/09/2014 Alleged Sex Offender Wanted in Utah Arrested in Lompoc
08/07/2014 DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint City of Goleta
08/06/2014 Standoff in Lompoc Between Sheriff's Deputies and Suspect
08/04/2014 Several Crimes Committed In Isla Vista on Saturday
JULY 2014  
07/26/2014 Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Recruiting New Members
07/25/2014 23 Cadets to Graduate From theLaw Enforcement Explorer Academy
07/24/2014 65 Drivers Cited in Goleta Crosswalk Sting
07/22/2014 16 Residents Graduate Citizen's Academy
07/22/2014 Crosswalk Enforcement - City of Goleta
07/17/2014 DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint City of Goleta
07/16/2014 Sheriff's Office Announces Results of Deltopia Investigation
07/13/2014 Hiker and Two Dogs Rescued From Cliff
07/13/2014 Search Underway for Missing Man at Lake Cachuma
07/07/2014 Suspect Surrenders After 5 Hour Standoff
07/03/2014 AVOID The 12 Fourth of July DUI Enforcement Campaign
JUNE 2014  
06/26/2014 Gang Members Arrested for Weapons Violations and Robbery
06/26/2014 Hiking Tips From the Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue Team
06/24/2014 Former San Marcos Christian Camp Director Arrested for Sex Crimes Against a Minor
06/23/2014 Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Joins Search for Missing Firefighter
06/20/2014 Sheriff's Detectives Arrest Santa Maria Felon Following Investigation
06/17/2014 Sheriff's K-9 "Betti" is Retired and New K-9 "Magnum" is Introduced
06/06/2014 Missing Man Located After Three Days by Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team
06/06/2014 The Sheriff's Office Welcomes Four New Deputies
06/06/2014 Investigation Into Gun and Narcotics Sales Leads to Arrest
06/04/2014 Bone Marrow Drive for Sheriff's Custody Deputy
06/02/2014 Sheriff's Deputies Involved in Shooting Rampage to Return to Duty
MAY 2014  
05/30/2014 DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint City of Goleta
05/29/2014 Memorial Day Weekend Holiday DUI Crackdown Results
05/29/2014 Updated Information on Isla Vista Mass Murder Case
05/28/2014 Isla Vista Resident Arrested for Negligent Discharge of a Firearm
05/25/2014 Remaining Isla Vista Murder Victims' Names Released
05/24/2014 Sheriff's Office Releases Details of Shooting Rampage in Isla Vista
05/24/2014 Seven Dead, Seven Hospitalized in Isla Vista Shooting Rampage
05/22/2014 Memorial Day Weekend Holiday DUI Crackdown
05/15/2014 Goleta Mother Leaves 9 Month Old in Car
05/15/2014 DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint City of Goleta
05/15/2014 Warning Issued About Several Recent Phone Scams
05/13/2014 Last Tip A Cop of the Season in Goleta
05/09/2014 Cuyama Transient Is Arrested On Arson and Assault Charges
05/08/2014 Sheriff's Office Welcomes Four New Custody Deputies During National Corrections Officers and Employees Week
05/07/2014 Youth Soccer Coach Arrested for Sex Crimes Against A Child
05/06/2014 Isla Vista Resident Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 2 Victims
05/06/2014 Sheriff's Office Targets Unlawful Marijuana Grows
05/05/2014 Suspect Arrested For Bringing Backpack With Gun, Knives and Amunition To The SB Courthouse
05/04/2014 Sheriff's Coroner's Office Investigating Death of UCSB Student
05/03/2014 Sheriff Bill Brown is Sworn in as New CSSA Secretary
05/03/2014 Public Assistance Requested in Suspicious Death Case
05/02/2014 Attempted Murder Suspect Arrested Following Traffic Stop
05/02/2014 AVOID The 12 Cinco De Mayo DUI Enforcement
05/02/2014 Serial Commercial Burglary Suspect Arrested
APRIL 2014  
04/29/2014 Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office Releases 2013 Crime Stats
04/25/2014 Convicted Felon in Cuyama Found in Possession of Firearms
04/17/2014 First Coffee With a Cop In Montecito
04/17/2014 Military Ordinance Identified and Destroyed
04/16/2014 Another Public Request for Deltopia Video or Photos
04/12/2014 Former Sheriff's Employees Indicted By Federal Grand Jury
04/11/2014 Body of Missing Santa Maria Man is Recovered and Indentified
04/09/2014 Sheriff's Office Uses New Method for Public to Send Videos and Photos From Deltopia Civil Disturbance
04/08/2014 Preliminary Statistics On Deltopia Released
04/06/2014 Civil Unrest at "Deltopia" in Isla Vista
04/04/2014 Sheriff's Explorers Rank High in Central Valley Competition
04/03/2014 Special Enforcement Team Takes Armed Robbery Suspect Into Custody
04/01/2014 April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
MARCH 2014  
03/21/2014 Tip A Cop - Fundraiser for Special Olympics
03/21/2014 Shoulder Tap Operation Results in 544 Citations and Arrests
03/19/2014 Sheriff's Search and Rescue Recruitment Drive Continues
03/18/2014 One Hiker is Killed and Another Injured on Cold Springs Trail
03/17/2014 AVOID The 12 St. Patrick's Day Enforcement
03/13/2014 DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint - City of Goleta
03/13/2014 Santa Maria Couple Arrested for Child Endangerment
03/12/2014 Sheriff's Search and Rescue Recruiting New Members
03/09/2014 A Stabbing and Unlawful Assembly Occur on Del Playa in Isla Vista
03/04/2014 Sheriff's Search and Rescue Recertified for Search
02/28/2014 Sheriff's Felony Fugitive Unit Assists in Locating Rape Suspect
02/26/2014 Solvang Man Arrested After Going on Tire Slashing Spree
02/24/2014 Sobriety Checkpoint RESULTS - City of Goleta
02/23/2014 UCSB Student is Severly Beaten and Raped By Group of Suspects
02/20/2014 Sobriety Checkpoint - City of Goleta
02/19/2014 Sheriff's Office Warns About Phone Scam
02/16/2014 Search and Rescue Team and Good Samaritans Help Locate Missing Hikers
02/11/2014 Sheriff's Gang Detectives Arrest Suspect After Foot Pursuit
02/11/2014 Sheriff's Office is Alerting Public of Possible Armed Suspect
02/06/2014 The Sheriff's Office Warns Public About Phone Scam
02/04/2014 Three Suspects Arrested for Burglary at Tajiguas Landfill
02/04/2014 Rural Crimes Deputies Make Arrest in Farm Burglary Spree
JANUARY 2014  
01/30/2014 'AVOID The 12' DUI Task Force Deploying Saturation Patrols on Super Bowl Sunday
01/28/2014 The Sheriff's Office Kicks Off the 'Tip A Cop' Season
01/27/2014 Nine People Arrested at Goleta Area Checkpoint
01/24/2014 Inmate Erroneously Released From Santa Barbara County Jail Facility
01/23/2014 Two People Arrested After Vehicle Pursuit in Orcutt
01/23/2014 DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Tomorrow in Goleta
01/22/2014 Three Suspects Arrested in Santa Maria
01/21/2014 Isla Vista Couple Arrested for Conspiring to Sell Drugs
01/18/2014 Three Young Males Arrested for Acting Together to Commit Rape
01/17/2014 Santa Ynez Man Strikes Elderly Victim with Baton
01/16/2014 Santa Barbara County Awarded $38.9 Million in Jail Funding
01/15/2014 UCSB Student Arrested For Possession of Child Porn on His Cell Phone
01/13/2014 Looking for a Career in Law Enforcement?
01/10/2014 Man Arrested After Making Death Threats
01/06/2014 Sheriff's Deputies Break Up Rooster Fight
01/04/2014 Injured Hiker Rescued on Cold Springs Trail
01/03/2014 Santa Maria Woman Arrested for Animal Cruelty and Burglary
01/03/2014 Winter Holiday - AVOID The 12 Santa Barbara County - FINAL UPDATE
12/31/2013 Carpinteria Pursuit Suspect Arrested in Ventura, CA UPDATED 12/31/13
12/27/2013 Winter Holiday - AVOID The 12 Santa Barbara County - UPDATE 3
12/22/2013 5 Drivers Arrested at Sobriety Checkpoint in Santa Barbara
12/20/2013 Winter Holiday - AVOID The 12 Santa Barbara County - UPDATE 2
12/20/2013 14 Custody Deputies Graduate from the Academy
12/18/2013 Santa Maria Resident Arrested for Attempting to Smuggle Narcotics to Homicde Defendant in the Santa Barbara County Jail Facility
12/17/2013 Winter Holiday - AVOID The 12 Santa Barbara County
12/17/2013 Loaded Handgun, Drugs and Cash Found During Traffic Stop
12/17/2013 Public Assistance Requested to Help Locate Fugitive
12/13/2013 Public Safety Reminder for Holiday Online Shoppers
12/13/2013 Holiday Boozers Beware - AVOID The 12
12/13/2013 Four People Arrested Following Undercover Investigation at Two Local Massage Parlors
12/12/2013 Santa Barbara County Recommended to Receive $38.9 Million in Jail Funding
12/12/2013 The Sheriff's Office Welcomes 5 New Deputies
12/12/2013 DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint in City of Goleta
12/10/2013 Public Assistance Requested to Locate Armed Robbery Suspect
12/04/2013 Suspected Wrong Way Driver Injured From Gunfire During Traffic Stop
12/03/2013 Stabbing Suspect is Fatally Injured After Jumping From Overpass
11/26/2013 Los Olivos Resident Arrested for Possession and Transportation of Marijuana For Sales
11/23/2013 Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Locate Two Overdue Hikers
11/18/2013 Sheriff's Office Will Hold Two "Coffee with a Cop" Events
11/12/2013 Sheriff's Office Investigates Fatal Traffic Accident in City of Goleta
11/11/2013 Three Suspects Arrested for Murder in Prior Assault Case
11/07/2013 One Suspect Arrested, One Still at Large After High Speed Pursuit
11/06/2013 Two Isla Vista Residents Arrested for Forcible Cell Phone Theft Attack
11/05/2013 'AVOID The 12' Receives Grant to Continue Another Year of Countywide DUI Enforcement
11/04/2013 Isla Vista Halloween Weekend Stats
11/02/2013 Isla Vista Resident Arrested for Selling Prescription Drugs
11/01/2013 2 Individuals Arrested for Possession of Xanax for Sale
OCTOBER 2013  
10/31/2013 Sheriff's North County Narcotics Unit Serves Search Warrant on an Unlawful Marijuana Cultivation and Trafficking Operation
10/31/2013 8 People Arrested During Probation Compliance Operation

Halloween Weekend DUI Enforcement AVOID The 12

10/29/2013 Santa Barbara Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team Arrests - Isla Vista
10/28/2013 Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Suspect Who Injured a Sergeant and Fled
10/23/2013 Santa Barbara Resident Arrested for Narcotics Violations
10/21/2013 Carpinteria Deputies Arrest Prolific "Smash and Grab" Auto Burglars
10/16/2013 Sheriff's Office Receives Grants For DUI Checkpoints in City of Goleta
10/15/2013 Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Suspect Associated with Stolen Car
10/11/2013 Sheriff's Office Hosts First "Coffee With a Cop" Event in Isla Vista
10/07/2013 Santa Barbara Man Arrested After Pursuit and Crash
10/07/2013 Officer Involved Shooting
10/04/2013 Fight Between Brothers Leads to One Arrest
10/03/2013 Public Assistance Requested to Find Pharmacy Robbery Suspect
10/02/2013 Buellton Man Arrested for Recording Women in Restrooms
09/30/2013 The Santa Barbara Jail has 17 New Custody Deputies
09/23/2013 Sheriff's Deputies Pursue and Arrest Suspect in Stolen Car
09/20/2013 Two People Arrested, 100 Pounds of Marijuana Seized
09/20/2013 Sheriff's Narcotics Investigators Arrest Two Alleged Drug Dealers
09/19/2013 Sheriff's Office Holds Annual Awards Ceremony
09/19/2013 Attorney General Recognizes Individuals for Outstanding Service
09/13/2013 18 People Arrested Following Panga Boat Take Down
09/12/2013 Methamphetamine Dealer Arrested at Summerland Park
09/07/2013 Public Assistance Requested in Original Night Stalker Case
09/04/2013 Summer / Labor Day AVOID The 12 DUI Campaign - FINAL UPDATE
09/01/2013 Summer / Labor Day AVOID The 12 DUI Campaign - UPDATE4
AUGUST 2013  
08/30/2013 Former Santa Barbara County Fire Employee Arrested
08/29/2013 Summer / Labor Day AVOID The 12 DUI Campaign - UPDATE3
08/29/2013 Sheriff's Office Works with Landowner to Eradicate Over 4,000 Marijuana Plants
08/28/2013 Young Woman Found Near Tajiguas Beach Identified
08/27/2013 Suspect Robs Pharmacy for Prescription Pills in Goleta
08/26/2013 Summer / Labor Day AVOID The 12 DUI Campaign - UPDATE2
08/26/2013 Three Arrests at Driver's License Checkpoint, City of Goleta
08/22/2013 DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint City of Goleta
08/21/2013 Ballard Resident Interrupts Burglary in Progress
08/21/2013 Public Assistance Requested to Help Locate Stabbing Suspect
08/21/2013 Vehicle Chase in Goleta Ends in Crash
08/21/2013 Coffee With A Cop Events
08/21/2013 Application's Being Accepted for North County Sheriff's Academy
08/20/2013 Summer / Labor Day AVOID The 12 DUI Campaign - UPDATE1
08/16/2013 Custody Deputies Placed on Administrative Leave
08/15/2013 Oxnard Man Arrested After Pursuit
08/12/2013 Search and Rescue Dog Retires in a "Blaze" of Glory
08/12/2013 Aggressive Solicitor Arrested in Solvang
08/09/2013 Couple Connected to Recent Honda Burglaries Arrested
08/08/2013 More Than 5,000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated in Santa Barbara County
08/08/2013 Oxnard Plumber Working Without a License Targets Senior Residents
08/08/2013 Sheriff's Gang Detectives Track Down and Arrest Fugitive
08/06/2013 Lompoc Man Arrested for Alleged Carjacking and Kidnapping
08/05/2013 Scuba Diver Found in Water Off Padaro Beach Identified
08/05/2013 Abandoned Panga Boat Discovered at Tajiguas Beach
JULY 2013  
07/31/2013 Suspect Wearing Mask Robs Bank in Goleta

Vehicle Discovered at Bottom of Ravine Off Painted Cave Road UPDATE:07/30/13

07/29/2013 Sobriety Checkpoint Results City of Goleta

41 Cadets Graduate From Law Enforcement Explorer Academy

07/25/2013 Sheriff's Gang Detectives Track Down and Arrest Fugitive

85 Million Dollars of Marijuana Eradicated


Electronic Monitoring Escapee is Caught and Arrested


More Than 7,000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated in Montecito


'AVOID The 12' Independence Day Weekend DUI Enforcement Results


Sobriety Checkpoint Results City of Goleta


Sobriety Checkpoint City of Goleta


Vehicle Discovered at Bottom of Ravine Off Painted Cave Road


Sobriety Checkpoint Results City of Goleta

JUNE 2013  

Suspect Attacks Mother Then Hides

06/27/2013 Sobriety Checkpoint City of Goleta

Custody Deputy Graduation


Solvang Man Arrested for Possessing Marijuana For Sale


Former SB Resident Associated with Two Preschools is Arrested in Sex Abuse Case Involving Five Children in Apple Valley


Sheriff's Search and Rescue Makes Two Rescues

06/21/2013 Train Accident Fatality

Sheriff's Statement Regarding Court Order to Release Inmates

06/17/2013 Another Panga Boat Found In Santa Barbara County

Sheriff's Office Reports Inmate Death


Two Suspects Arrested for Construction Site Burglaries


Sobriety Checkpoint Results City of Goleta


Sheriff Brown Moves up the Ranks of State Sheriffs Association


Sheriff's Office Citizen's Academy Graduation


Two Suspects Caught Burglarizing Home in Goleta


Sobriety Checkpoint City of Goleta


Defendant in the Anthony Ibarra Murder Trial is Injured Following Assault at the Santa Barbara County Jail


Suspect Wanted for Forciblly Taking Cell Phone in Isla Vista

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